We are a team of two, Bob Daugherty and Bob Randolph, animators and film makers who start from the ground up to make media that just feels "good".

Animation allows for a quick, immediate visualization of a concept. It creates memorable images that aid in information retention.

We're for Hire

Whether your an elementary school teacher, or one of the nation's largest safety associations, we're ready to get started on whatever you need done!

On Schedule

Years of experience and finished projects has given us keen project managment skills. We'll inform you on progress, and how we can improve speed and quality.

Great Value

We work in this industry becuase we love it, not to make a fortune. No matter your budget, we will return to you the best quality product we can at a great value.


We've worked the entire range from complicated training material to eye catching entertainment. If you need something inbetween, we can make it happen.

But why Bob?

The world is full of information and the demand for understanding of this information is ever increasing. Information can be hard to retain in a text format. Information may not be presented in a clear, memorable way. Having an extensive background working visually, we know how to engage the mind and lead it in the right direction. We have the interest and patience to figure out the clearest way of presenting complex information.

No, not that. Why did you pick such a confusing name for your business? Bob and Bob Productions?

Oh, ha. I guess we thought it was funny. See, our full names are Robert Curtis Randolph and Robert Charlie Daugherty, and we both normally go by Curtis and Charlie. We had no idea we had the same first name until we had worked together for over 5 years. When we decided to go start this business, it just seemed like a fun name to have. You're right though, it is confusing. Whoops!

Bob Randolph

Bob Randolph has been animating since 2000. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in Animation Related Studies . He also attended courses in writing, audio engineering, and computer science. He has been a leader in several large animation projects, some spanning multiple years of production. He can be reached at bobr@bobstudios.com.

Bob Daugherty

Bob Daugherty has been animating since 2002. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Art and Animation studies from The Evergreen State College. His passion for creating clear and compelling information stems from designing publications for news and print. He can be reached at bobd@bobstudios.com